How to Solve Sync Error in Garmin Express

Are you are facing Sync error on your GarminExpress? –While working with your it might be possible that you came across error relating to the synchronizing your any with the Garmin express. if it fails to sync with the Garmin express then stop worrying by following the methods below you can get rid of the error sync warning message and you can fix this issue if you try following the methods carefully.

And while following the steps if you face any difficulty you can call us for further assistance our toll-free Number anytime, we are here to solve your any Garmin related issue.

Do Not worry all your data is not lost.

If you are facing a Syncing problem with your Garmin Connect that doesn’t mean its connecting or not, all fitness data that you have on it is intact with all the other data that you have on your Garmin that you have saved on your device, it is safe there unless you delete it manually.

Whenever you synchronize your fitness data on Garmin Express with your computer through your Garmin express application. it is saved to a specific location either on your Windows computer or Mac.

Browse to these location’s

Windows Location:


Mac location:


In case you do not find the data at these locations, then you may have saved the data to a different location or most possibly you might have deleted your fitness data manually.

Method No. 1: Try to restart your Computer /Mac.

If you are facing this issue the first time simply restarting your device may fix your Garmin sync error.

  • Exit from the Garmin express application if it is opened and any other application that is running on your device.
  • Restart the computer by clicking the restart button on your screen.
  • After the restart is complete connect your Garmin device and check if the Garmin express now started sync the data or not.
  • If the Sync error is still showing up you can try the other method.

Method 2: Try disabling the antivirus software and the firewall if its active.

Make sure that antivirus software or the firewall that you are using isn’t blocking the Garmin express from accessing your Garmin  GPS device. and if you have an Antivirus software installed on your computer /mac or similar security software it most possibly is making the conflict between the antivirus and the Garmin express You can try to disable your antivirus software.

Moreover, the computer Firewall can also cause some trouble or issue/error. In that cases, you can try disabling/ remove these security features that are on your device and after that try and check if the sync process working. If the problem still exists then you can follow another method.

Method No. 3: Make sure that your computer / Mac is connected to the Internet.

Garmin Express application works with the internet to upload and download the data to your computer from your Garmin device. If your internet connection is not working properly or is weak. Most possibly you will get this Sync Error from your Garmin Express and the chances are very high if you don’t have a proper internet connection.

In order to rectify the error which is caused by the Internet Network, you need to check if the Internet is working properly. If you are on a wireless network then just take your computer close to the internet router. A wired internet connection is needed to work with Garmin Express.  You must use a high-speed network connection for improved and better performance.

Make sure that your system requirements for Garmin Express are UpToDate. So that in future you can avoid other errors. If that doesn’t solve the issue try the next method.

Method No. 4: Removing and Reinstall your Garmin Express application.

If the above methods do not fix Garmin Express Sync Error. then the problem is now limited to the Garmin Express application. In that case, you can remove the application and reinstall it.

  • For removing the Garmin Express from your Windows Computer, follow the steps below.
  • press on the Start button on the bottom left side of your computer screen now goes to Control Panel on your computer.
  • You need to select the Uninstall a Program option which is under the Programs menu.
  • Now you must search for the Garmin Express application in the list of installed applications.
  • choose Uninstall Right-clicking on Garmin Express.
  • Choose yes when you see the confirmation box, that would remove the Garmin Express from your computer System.
  • After it is removed, simply you need to Restart your computer system.

Now you have removed the Garmin Express Error application successfully from your computer, now is the time to install it again. All you have to do now is just follow the exact same instructions that you followed when installing it the first time. After you are done, make sure that your Garmin Express Sync Error is fixed and that now you are not receiving the error message n case that you are receiving the error message again make sure you followed the instructions correctly and that you haven’t missed any of the above steps.

If the issue isn’t solved yet then you can have an expert to have your query solved you can anytime call our expert engineers for your Garmin related issues our toll-free number for getting the error resolved in no time. We at Garmin GPS Support provides you with an on-call technician who is going to assist you with all your query’s and Garmin / Garmin Express.

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