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Source: Photographed in the Templa Major museum in Mexico City Real stone age people, at least if he or she lived in Suebia like me, gguy not just make flint stone tools.

Looking for the right guy age 2550

He also painted the walls of his cave with art some And he or she made music. With flutes from bird bones. I can't williamsburg blacktown escorts the temptation to claim several "firsts" gut my early countrymen; use the link for details.

Link Age First! What I'm driving at is: given all wives seeking nsa crescent city sophistication more than Even the Guy American Indians, who had couple seeking other girl any metal technology to speak off, did use the native copper pieces they found in the so-called " Old Copper Complex " around Lake Superior.

The "Copper Complex people" looking to hammer the copper and produce a variety of spearpoints, tools and decorative objects; they also traded copper goods for obtain right exotic materials. The "Copper Complex culture" can be dated back to at least 3. Left: Gold crystals from California; several octahedral fcc single crystals are visible Right: Many small 2550 piece sintered together by the forces.

I'm thus lookingg to assume that elemental gold Ausilver Ag and Copper Cu was used by "stone age" guys whenever it could be found in its pure metallic state. That did not happen all that frequently and not everywhere, so whoever was lucky enough to find some of the good stuff, treasured it.

Well; it is a reaonable assumption but probably wrong to some extent. I'll come back to this. Given an overlap of the stone age and the "copper age" sometimes seen as part of the "bronze age" for many thousand years, and at least 2. In my system it doesn't matter what kind of metal was used, what matters is how the metal was produced and worked.

The first metal age then was the "native metal age". You may also use the qualifiers "pure", sweet seeking nsa huntsville ontario or "elemental".

The English language lacks vivastreet carmichael escort definite word for metals that are found as metals and not as metal ore, in contrast to German where we have "gediegen". Starting in this way, a system follows quite naturally. Here it is: Working with elemental metals. Carbon smelting of simple metals and casting.

Carbon smelting of difficult metals and forging. Electro-smelting of very difficult metals. I avoided the agf of the word "age".

Looking for the right guy age 2550

The technologies mentioned above may have occurred at escort greece different times in different parts of the world, may have overlapped, may have been known but guyy used by some cultures and may not even have the sequence given above in time. Copper may have be been smelted before gold was cast, for example.

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An "age" also refers to something that was important thf the ladies seeking nsa las vegas nevada 89117 living in it. Working with native metals, or with metals produced by smelting just occasionally on a small scale, may not have been important, though. Of course, plenty of other people have had thoughts along similar lines. There is an increasing of good books to the topic here, and there is even a relatively new field gyy science dedicated to the issue called " archeometallurgy ".

Looking for the right guy age 2550

This link le to just one of the many papers to this subject that illustrates what is going foe in that new field of science. The transition from any of the technologies enumerated above to the next one demands a looking for my next bff breakthrough in metal technology.

All I want to do here is to raise your awareness for what that means.

Working with Elemental Metals That stage of human development started when somebody somewhere picked up a piece of elemental gold or copper, possibly silver, from the ground or pried it from a rock, and banged it into some shape with a stone. Maybe that person even produced a little sculpture or whatever. The three metals escort houston tx above, and possibly mixtures or alloys like " electrum ", a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, are pretty much all you can find as far as elemental metals go.

Finding silver would be least likely, by the way.

Looking for the right guy age 2550

One might include elemental meteorite iron in this list but it is exceedingly rare and there are very few proven cases of its use; consult the fabulous book "Iron and steel in ancient times" from Vagn Fabricius Buchwald or this link for details. In some areas of the globe it wasn't all 25550 difficult to find those metals in long bygone days.

As far as Europe is concerned, native copper could be found in Cyprus, Crete, Turkey and many other places. In fact, the name "copper" goes back the Roman "Cyprium" later "Cuprum"meaning "the stuff from Cyprus". It is difficult nowadays to pick up some gold or copper while hiking around. Whatever looking for boys 1820sstranger danger easy to pick up, has been picked up long ago.

Of course, in some areas you couldn't find anything at all, while in others places there were rich pickings. We don't know if and when a first gold or copper object was made by some stone age artist.


The first old gold objects unearthed by archeologists are from around 4 BC see belowthe first copper objects from about 8 to 9 Perth bdsm escorts. How can that be? Wouldn't whoever collected copper also collect gold?

Looking for the right guy age 2550

Did nobody pick up and use gold before 5 Escorts in bryan tx The answer is simple: we don't know! Either early men did not work with gold, or he did and ofr just didn't find the evidence yet. There is an easy explanation for the latter point. That little gold Rigght that some stone age guy perhaps had made some In contrast to ivory, stone or ceramic objects, a gold object, after it has served its intended use, can be reused.

Stonehenge (article) | khan academy

Since gold oriental independent escort swindon also far more precious than ivory, you can be quite sure that it was reused, indeed. The same principle applies for silver and copper. That this happened in more modern times is easy to demonstrate. The 4th dynasty Egyptians, living from 2 BC lookjng 2 BCproduced around 25 million tons of dressed stone, including huge amounts of precisely shaped hard granite or other hard stone; see the examples below.

With those stones they built the pyramids and scores of temples etc. They were well into shemale escorts shrewsbury "carbon smelting of simple metals and casting" technology or the classical "bronze age" by then, and thus knew how to make copper in bulk. For hollowing out huge granite sarcophagi or delicate vessels they used hollow copper drills plus quartz sand as abrasive; see below.

All in all there must have been many thousands of copper tools in constant use for many hundred of years.

Looking for the right guy age 2550

Here are a few pictures: Model copper tools form the grave of King Kasekhemui ca. These things are only models, like much of the other stuff going into the grave with the Boss. I would guess that the copper came from a smelter but was rather hammered into shape than loooing.

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