How to Troubleshooting Charging Issues on an Approach Device | GARMIN SUPPORT NUMBER: +1-844-313-6006

If the Approach device isn’t charging, it might be possible that there is a connection issue with the clip or the AC adapter may be failing.

There are many things that can be checked when attempting to charge the Approach.

  • Attach and reattach the charging cable.
  • Be sure that the contacts on the watch and charging clip are clean.
  • For steps on cleaning contacts, see Related Content.
  • Charge devise by the help of a different supply source, such as a computer.
  • If the device will charge through the computer or another AC adapter, the original charger could be defective.
  • Ensure the device software is up to the date.
  • For info on updating the device, see connected Content.
  • Leave the device plugged into the charger for a minimum two hours.

When charging you could see a battery icon displayed on the screen and shows a message:

If the battery icon doesn’t seem on the screen and remains not taking a charge, the charging clip might have to get replaced.

Approach Charging Cable

If the original Approach charging cable is broken, now not charging the device, or otherwise broken, a replacement charging cable can have to be purchased. These the device below to purchase a new charging clips.

Approach G10

Approach S1

Approach S10

Approach S2

Approach S20

Approach S3

Approach S4

Approach S5

Approach S6

Approach S60

Approach X10

Approach X40

Approach Z80*

If issues persist, the battery within the device could also be defective. See Related Content for requesting a repair. Or call us on our
GARMIN PHONE NUMBER : +1-844-313-6006. We will solve you any problem in every possible manner.

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