Garmin Express Display Error

How To Solve Garmin Express Displays A Server Error

If Garmin Express Displays A Server Error one of them, there could be a problem with your internet connection or in your computer’s settings.

  • “We are unable to add this device because our servers are unobtainable at this time”
  • “Sorry, we’re having a problem communicating with our servers”


Ensure that Your Garmin Express is up to date
Update Garmin Express to the latest version if not.

  • You have to Ensure that your Internet connection meets the system requirements for Garmin Express.
    A high-speed Internet connection is needed. Garmin Express isn’t supposed to be used with mobile broadband (such as MiFi, AirCard, or cellular phone tethering), satellite, mounted wireless, or dial-up web connections.

    For detailed data, see the list of Internet Connection Restrictions that may stop the Successful Downloading of Maps.
  • Check the Date and Time Settings on the computer
    If your computer has the Incorrect date and time settings then your computer may cause communication errors between Garmin Express Software and the Garmin servers. Enter the correct date, time, and time zone settings in your computer.

  • Temporarily disable Internet Security/Firewall
    Many security software won’t interfere with Garmin Express, some security software (such as software which is used on work computers or in a business environment) could cause this error.
  • If possible, then temporarily disable this software. If you cannot able to disable it, it will necessary to you to use a different computer.
  • Check the proxy settings on the computer
    Incorrectly saved proxy and/or LAN settings might affect the connection between the Internet and Garmin Express. You need to Verify the proxy settings are entered correctly on the computer or not.
  • Uninstall Garmin Express
    To uninstall Garmin Express from your computer system, then check the list of Uninstall of Garmin Express.

  • Restart the computer
    Note: Shut down your computer, pressing the computer power button, or closing the lid of your computer might not efficiently restart the computer on some operating systems. Follow the directions below to confirm that the computer is completely restarted.

    Windows 8.1 and higher

    Right-click the Start button
    Click Shut down or sign out
    Click Restart

    Windows 7
    Click the Start button
    Click ▶ next to Shut Down
    Click Restart

    MacOS/OS X
    Click the Apple icon in the menu bar
    Click Restart…
    Click Restart to confirm
  • Reinstall Garmin Express
    To reinstall Garmin Express, see the FAQ List of Installing Garmin Express.

Garmin Express now be able to connect to the server. It is still not, try another computer or a another internet connection. Or call us on our GARMIN SUPPORT NUMBER: +1-844-313-6006 our technical support team will guide you step by step and solve your every issue which arises.

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