Garmin Connect Not reading weight in Apple

How to solve Garmin Connect Is Not Reading Weight In Apple Health

Garmin Connect is one of the best sources to track your health and record fitness data. You need to connect this application with a compatible Garmin device and you will get started with daily activity tracking by uploading data from your device to Garmin Connect.

You will be able to build your own course, create new workouts, and challenge your friends to compete with you within the app only.  Garmin Connect is compatible with lots of fitness devices/applications like Apple Health, My Fitness Pa and a lot more.

How To Connect Garmin Data To Apple Health?

If you have an iPhone, then Apple Health, keep all the data of your health/fitness applications and wearables. It will be easily paired up with Garmin Connect by providing a range of data as per the sensors of your Garmin Connect. This includes heart rate, resting heart rate, steps, intensity minutes, and more.

Steps to connect your Apple Health with Garmin Connect:

Open the Apple Health application on your iPhone
Click ‘Sources’ icon at the bottom of the screen to search for supported platforms
Click on ‘Connect’
You can Choose the data you want and don’t want to share with Apple Health

List of the data types that are shared with Apple Health:

Active Energy
Resting Energy
Body Mass Index
Body Fat Percentage
Walking + Running Distance
Heart Rate
Flights Climbed
Sleep Analysis

Once Garmin Connect sharing is on in Apple Health, these data types will begin to sync every time after successful device sync in the Garmin Connect Application. If the app is closed or sent to run in the background, the data transfer to Apple Health will not complete until proper sync while the Garmin Connect App is open.

Once Apple Health sharing is on, the application will only display the data collected from up to 2 weeks before sharing being enabled. Once syncing is enabled, it can only be disabled from the Sources list in the Health app and not from Connect.

However, recently some users faced a problem where the Garmin connect is not reading weight in Apple Health. It is accessing other data such as Date of birth, sex, and height except for weight whose option is not even provided there.

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