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How to Reset Garmin Satnav | GARMIN SUPPORT NUMBER: +1-844-313-6006

Follow the directions to reset your NUVI 7xx, 6xx, 5xx, 2×5, 2xx

  1. Turn your device OFF and disconnect it from a power supply.
  2. Tap and hold the bottom-right corner of your visual display unit, with the help of your index finger.
  3. Hold and touch the bottom-right corner until it turns OFF.
  4. Quickly remove your finger after the device is turned OFF.
  5. A message can show on the screen asking you if you actually want to clear all the user data.
  6. Click on YES.
  7. Then Your Garmin GPS device will reset automatically. Follow the instructions which appear on-screen on your device and complete the resetting method. Place your device in clear sky condition, to let it acquire the satellites signals.
Reset your Garmin Satnav Issues
Garmin Nuvi Satnav

How to -

Follow these instructions to reset your Garmin  Nuvi 5000 or 8x. 

  1. Turn your device OFF. (You’ll need to get rid of the device’s battery)
  2. Turn it back once more (Insert the battery back to the device) If you discover the progress bar on your device’s screen, instantly place the tip of your finger within the lower-right corner of the screen.
  3. Hold the screen from the bottom-right corner until you see a message asking you if you really wish to clear all the user data.
  4. Now Remove the finger from the screen and click on YES icon.
  5. Now, your device will restart again.

Follow the on-screen instructions which appear on your screen to set up the device. 

In case, if you can’t able to reset your Garmin Satnav on your own, don’t worry, just call us on GARMIN GPS SUPPORT NUMBER: +1-844-313-6006 to get quick assistance from our experienced support professionals to troubleshoot the issue.

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