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How to Fix 260W Error on your Garmin Nuvi?

How to Fix 260W Error:  Garmin launched NUVI which is a series of products which came out in 2005. The Garmin 260xx series was launched in July of 2007 with 4.3” screen size it is the basic and entry-level device. this device was good with its map and needed regular updates, it was important that prior the start of your journey you must have a most accurate and up to date map before you go out on the roads. The Drivers and programs for NUVI 260W which came with the device help you to establish communication between your GPS hardware and your operating system software. It is important that you install this software’s on your computer before connecting the device. Maintaining your device is A very Important step it prevents the device from crashing and it also maximizes the System performance and the hardware runs smooth. If your Garmin NUVI GPS 260W drivers are not updated it causes the device to crash and system error and the device fails to perform as expected. Furthermore, If you have installed Obsolete Garmin driver that is out of date that makes the problem worse and the device can eventually to malfunction. Sometimes it happens that at some point you face a problem with the device or the device needs to be updated on your device and to make it work you have to perform some tasks on it that includes troubleshooting the device in order make it work and to update the device or to update it with more accurate map.

You can follow the following steps that would help you solve Garmin NUVI 260W’s Issues:

1. If you are having trouble finding your location or if you are facing an issue that your NUVI device is not connecting to the satellite or is unable to maintain a link due to some obstruction which might be blocking your device to get the right signal that would connect it to the satellite.
2. If your NUVI is not turning on or is getting off again and again by itself that means that your device requires a charging and it’s out of charge, if you are traveling you can plug in your NUVI to your car power source and turn the power on. If you are at home just plug in your NUVI to the wall socket and turn the power on.
3. Let Your NUVI Get to a full charge once it is Fully charged i.e. the light is green turn it on by pressing and holding the power button.
4. Clean the suction cup before mounting your NUVI 260W, dip a cloth in alcohol and rub it, it would help in stuck to the windshield better. Windshields should also be cleaned that is very necessary.
5. If your NUVI device is having a problem with its touchscreen and it’s not working properly. Turn it off and then turn it on and turn it off one more time and turn it on. You need to hold the power key for a minimum of 1 minute. After you do that the calibration screen should be up by now. You need to touch the dot on the screen to calibrate the device. If your screen is up but not responding and feels like it is frozen. if the screen is black it might be possible that the battery drainage is high. in case of a cracked screen, you need to get the screen replaced.


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The NUVI 260W Garmin works Perfectly and efficiently after the issues are fixed on it. But if that’s not the case with you and your NUVI is not working or connecting and facing the connectivity issues anytime you can get in touch with Garmin NUVI Support, we have qualified and technically skilled and experienced engineers to guide you through your trouble and troubleshoot your queries. No delay and fast service, our technician will get your Garmin NUVI to get back to work in no time it will help you to have smooth and problem-free functioning of maps and you can have a peaceful journey. you can get in contact with any of our technician to give you technical aid regarding your issues. Feel free to contact us at 1844-313-6006.

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