Garmin USB Device

Fix “USB Not Recognized” Error while Connecting the Garmin USB to a Computer


If the communication between Garmin devices and windows sometimes you get an error message saying “USB not recognized”, it’s mainly due to device malfunction or a faulty USB cable. 

In order to fix and troubleshoot this issue you need to follow the below instructions:

  • Install and update the USB software for your Garmin device, once updated try to unplug and plug back the USB.
  • Do not connect using a USB Hub, coz the malfunction unexpectedly. Avoid using them u can use a proper USB cable or an extension cable to that you can connect your Garmin device.
  • If it’s a desktop that you have you should plug in your USB in the backport which is a USB connector on the back side of your tower. Avoid using the UB ports that are in the front
  • If it’s a laptop, use the port which is opposite of your laptop.
  • You can also try using the different USB cable that would more likely solve the problem. You might have a faulty USB cable which is going to solve the problem.
  • You can also they to clean the tip of your connecter by simply by using an eraser and cleaning it will remove any existing dirt on the connector
  • If none of the above steps worked. You can try connecting your Garmin USB to another computer and see if that works. If you see the error again maybe your Garmin GPS device is faulty or is out of service try resetting your Garmin device. That should resolve the issue.

If you will follow the above instructions carefully you will no longer see the error message that says USB device not recognized. it must be completely removed. If you are still getting the same message after multiple attempts. That means that your Garmin is having some hardware issue with it. Dial toll number of Garmin Map Update Support (1-844-313-6006) for flawless services.

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